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In this article we will provide all the details related to Professional Scrum Master I Certification exam, we have also shared the link from where you can get preparation material of PSM1 like pdf document of PSM1 question and answer, we have also prepared the PSM I mock test which we have shared very bottom of this article and you can opt the mock test for free and can check your scores as well.

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There is lots of content available online to do preparation of Professional Scrum Master I Certification. It is not mandatory to attend classroom training even though it is preferred but as We said that lots of content is available online even though we have also shared PSM1 mock test below which will definitely help you to practice for the certification. Along with this we will also share Question and Answer document with you to do preparation.

Information Related to Professional Scrum Master I Certification: 

If you have chosen to do preparation by your own then some of the required information along with some other information is given below:

1. You can give PSM I certification exam online.

2. The Exam cost is approx. (150$ or 10,500 INR as of 2021).

3. This certification is given by and it is widely accepted.

4. There is 14-15 pages "The Scrum Guide" is available which is provided by "Scrum.Org" on this link "" and it is available in almost 30 languages. You can download the same and read it, it will provide you good knowledge about some of scrum concepts.

5. Professional Scrum Master I certification exam is not tough. So, we would suggest is that if someone give only 1-2 hours daily for 2-3 weeks, then he/she will definitely clear the PSM I certification exam.

6. While doing preparation you should also opt all available mock test over internet so that you will get idea about your preparation and once you see that you are continuously scoring good in mock tests, then you can give PSM1 exam any time you want. There are lots of paid practice test available online, if you feel that still that requirement is left than to practice then you can also check the same in below link:

7. The group study always help in doing preparation, the same we did in school time right. Let’s say if someone from office or your colleague, your friends are also willing to give Professional Scrum Master certification, we personally think and suggest you to go for group study, this will definitely help you to understand the scrum concepts better and also helps in clear the certification exam. 

Benefits of PSM1 Certification:

PSM1 Mock Test: 

Please find below PSM I mock test. All the question in the mock test we have collected from various sources and people who have opted the PSM1 certification. If you thing any of the question and answer is not correct. Please do share your feedback in below comment box. We will check the same and will do the correction. After giving the mock test you can also check the test score. All the very best.

In Progress, In a day or Two will be ready for you.

We hope all the information related to Professional Scrum Master I certification will be helpful for you. We will keep adding question and answers in above PSM1 mock test. If you have some study material of PSM I other than of shared above and please do share with us, as it will help others. We will add that material and share all that in this article. Please do share your feedback below and let us know if any of the question and answer in the above mock test, you think is not correct. We have tried our best to share best and correct content with you. Thankyou!!! All the very best for your future.

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