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This article will help you to practice ServiceNow certified application developer exam. In this article we have set up ServiceNow CAD mock test which contains more than 100 questions, and you can also download the ServiceNow CAD exam questions and answers which will help you to prepare and pass the exam. The below questions and answers are not official from ServiceNow. From various genuine sources we have collected all the below data. We want to provide best information to our website seekers. All the very best in advance. Other required information related to CAD exam you can find in below link:

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servicenow cad exam questions and answers

ServiceNow CAD Mock Test

ServiceNow CAD exam questions and answers

1. How can a developer create test run data sets for parameterized tests? More than one response may be correct.

a) Link to a table and run the test for every record in a table.

b) Manually create parameter value sets.

c) Import a spreadsheet with the data.

d) Write a REST web service call to a data source.

e) Write a JavaScript to generate random data.

Answer: b,c

2. When can UI Policies execute their logic? 

a) When a record is loaded into a form

b) When field values change on a form

c) When a form is saved, submitted, or updated

d) When a Client Script executes

e) When a record is loaded into a list

Answer:  a,b

3. Which of these classes are part of the ServiceNow server-side API? 

a) GlideSystem (gs)

b) GlideUser (g_user)

c) GlideDateTime

d) GlideDate

e) GlideForm (g_form)

Answer: a,c,d

4. Which of the following modules enables security rule debugging?

a) System Diagnostics > Debugging > Debug Security Rules

b) System Diagnostics > Session Debug > Debug Security Rules

c) System Security > Session Debug > Debug Security Rules

d) System Security > Debugging > Debug Security Rules

e) Access Control > Debugging > Debug Security Rule

Answer: d

5. Which of the following should you do before importing data into ServiceNow? More than one response may be correct.

a) Understand the data you plan to import

b) Play fetch with your dog

c) Decide what to do with incomplete or erroneous data

d) Determine which source data maps to which target fields

e) Delete all the existing target table records to avoid conflicts

Answer: a,c,d

6. Which of the following are true statements about Dashboards? More than one response may be correct.

a) Applications are allowed to have only one Dashboard

b) Dashboards can have a maximum of four widgets

c) All users can view all dashboards

d) Dashboards are configured using a drag and drop canvas

e) Dashboards can contain widgets and tabs

Answer: d,e

7. How do you configure a Scheduled Job to execute on the last day of every month?

a) Set the Run field value to Periodically and the Repeat Interval value to 31

b) Set the Run field value to Periodically and the Repeat Interval value to Last Day

c) Set the Run field value to Monthly and the Day field value to 31

d) Set the Run field value to Monthly and the Day field value to Last Day

Answer: c

8. When managing global application files, you can NOT:

a) Add files from global scope to a global application

b) Remove files from a global application

c) Move an application file between global applications

d) Move application files into or out of a scoped application

Answer: d

9. Removing a field from a form using the Form Designer deletes the field from the database table. True or False?

a) True

b) False

Answer: False

10. Which of the following are configured in an Email Notification?

a) Who will receive the notification.

b) What content will be in the notification.

c) When to send the notification.

d) How to send the notification.

Answer: a, b and c

11. Which one of the following is NOT a debugging strategy for client-side scripts? 

a) Field Watcher 

b)  jslog() 

c) g_form.addInfoMessage() 

d) gs.log() 

Answer: d

12. Which source control operation is available from BOTH Studio and the Git Repository?

a). Apply Remote Changes

b). Stash Local Changes 

c). Edit Repository Configurations

d). Create Branch 

Answer: c

13. Which one of the following is NOT part of the Service Portal Configuration tools?

a) Theme Editor

b) Designer

c) Page Editor

d) Widget Editor

e) New Portal

Answer: a

14. What executes first Client scripts or UI policies? 

Answer:  Client Scripts

15. UI policy has access to a field's prior value?  

Answer:  False

16. UI policys execute on list field value changes?  

Answer:  False

17. When do Script actions trigger?  

Answer:  When events are generated

18. When do Script Includes trigger?

Answer:  When called

19. GlideForm and GlideUSer classes are not available for what type of scripts? - 

Answer:  Server Side

20. What object does not exist on the mobile platform? - 

Answer:  g_scratchpad

21. The g_scratchpad object has no properties by default and must be populated by what? 

Answer:  A Display Business rule

22. Who can create and text fix scripts? - 

Answer:  Admins or users with the script_fix_admin role

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