Do Certification help in getting job | Why Certification is important?

When we talk about career, jobs, promotions, technology change, job change etc. then we always think about the certifications. We think let’s do the certification. Are certifications being important, do certification really help in getting job, is really certification worth's or help us in getting the desired position. In this article we will discuss various scenarios and see the where the certifications work and in which scenarios, we should avoid to do specific certifications. So, let’s begin.

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What is certification?

It is the Proof that I have done this thing and I have knowledge about it. The most important word here is knowledge. Remember, this important word will only help in getting job. No-one will serve job in golden plate if the person doesn’t not have this important thing knowledge or skill. So, I think, we all knows that that why we should do certification only when we want to learn not only for numbers because otherwise it will be only wastage of money and time. 

There is various type of certifications some have international values and some don’t not that much value. Each and every certification has its own recognition.

There are various scenarios, when some one look for certifications, we will discuss all those possible scenarios, Let’s assume that:

1. You are a fresher and looking for job.

2. You are employed and good at any skill and you want to do the certification of the same skill.

3. You want to change your profile with in a company.

4. You are employed and want to change job in same profile.

5. You are looking for a promotion and want to do certification which can help in desired profile.

6. You want to learn new things and want to do certifications of the same.

So, before we talk about above scenarios, let first talk about

Where does Certifications works?

Certifications is all about knowledge because it a proof of the same that you know that skill. So practically it only works in below selection levels:

Shortlisting of a resume when companies are looking for a profile for which you already have the certification, this will definitely give weightage to your resume over those resumes which don't have the same.

Good impression on Interviewer vice versa If the person doesn’t have knowledge related to the mentioned certifications then adverse impression to interviewer.

So, I believe the first shortlisting of resume is the most important part of it. Either you are a fresher, looking for job or want to change your existing job. So now let discuss above mentioned scenarios.

1. Someone is a fresher and looking for job.

If someone has not received college placement due to any reason and he is good at any skills and want to certification of the same. Then the certification of the same will definitely help him out. Because the fist level is shortlisting of resume and the certification done by him will give weightage in shortlisting of the same and provide opportunity to grab the job. For example: Lets say someone is good in Java programming or in other programming like Python etc. and looking for job then definitely certifications will be ads on and gives weightage to resume. 

In another example if someone is college pass out and want to pursue his/her career in any specific job profile and he wants to learn and get knowledge of the same. Then certification is worth for him, because he is at the start of his career and he can give his career a route he want. Certifications are always work for freshers only if they gain knowledge of the same.

2. Someone is employed and good at skill he is working upon and he want to do the certification of the same.

We suggest, not go for same skill certification because this will not add any value to your profile as you are already employed, we suggest to go for certification which will enhance your existing skills or adds on something related to your profile which helps you to move forward in your existing career. 

For example: Lets say you are having experience in python programming and you are good at that, then doing certification of python will not help you much. If any new thing related to python got released and you want to do learn that and want to do certification of the same, then certification will be worth for you.

3. You want to change your profile with in a company.

Changing profile within company not required certification mostly because there are lots of internal training provided by companies to their employees. So, someone is interested in any profile can attend those trainings, express their interest, gain knowledge and move forward. But there are some rare cases as well. For example: If client is looking for only certified professional for their project and you want to be in that project, then doing certification will help.

4. You are employed and want to change job in same profile.

As we know initially certification only helps in short listing of resume. So, if your profile is not getting shortlisted in companies then you can go for certifications. But we suggest certifications are always better to enhance the skills. 

For example someone in project management and he have a good experience and knowledge of the same and he wants to change job, In some job profiles some times companies are looking for certified professional for e.g. PMP etc. Then definitely doing those certification will be ads on and helps in changing the job.

5. You are looking for a promotion and want to do certification which can help in desired profile.

Promotions are always dependent on the current work you are doing. So, if someone is looking for promotion then we believe certification will not help in promotion part. Only the current work and responsibilities will help someone to move forward.

6. You want to learn things and want to do certifications of the same.

Definitely certifications are mean for this purpose and certification worth's for this. We suggest to do certification enhance your skills and be as knowledgeable as you want. And definitely knowledge breaks all the barrier and helps you to move forward and get success where you want.

We think you got some meaningful insight from the above content that in which scenario certifications are important to us and why should we do certifications. Whatever we have suggested in which scenario certification worth's and in which in certification not worth is as per our understanding and experience we have. If you have any other understanding or suggestions then please share with us. Comment below and let us know. We definitely love to hear something from you related to certifications. There are lots of certification related to various technologies, we have shared all that information here in this Give Info platform. Please have a look on that. Thankyou!!!

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  1. I think if someone wants to change profile/technology in the company, one should definitely go for Internal as well as External certification. Sometimes, even when you complete internal training and certification they most probably think it is as worthy as external certification. Since, many IT jobs are Admin types (Wintel, Unix, Backup, Storage, etc), it is quintessential that one should go for change like ServiceNow Admin or Dev then he/she should go for certification.