List of All ServiceNow Certifications | Certifications in ServiceNow

In this article we will share the information related to various ServiceNow Certification. As per our knowledge we will share all the certification related to ServiceNow which we are aware of. There can be a possibility that there will be more certifications available in ServiceNow. 

Table of Content:

How many types of certifications are there in ServiceNow?

Cost of ServiceNow Certifications

Benefits of ServiceNow Certifications

Who all can do certifications?

Certification Preparation Content

List of All ServiceNow Certifications

Types of Certifications in ServiceNow

Mainly there are three types of certifications in ServiceNow as listed below:

  1. Certified Systems Administrator (CSA)
  2. Certified Application Developer (CAD)
  3. Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS)

Now above certification can be categorized into product specific certification. In ServiceNow there are lots of certification, some of the certifications are specific to various ServiceNow applications such as HRSD, ITBM, ITOM, GRC etc.

If we talk about product-specific certifications in certifications, then:


Certified System Administrator

Certified Application Developer

Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics

Micro–Certification – Performance Analytics

Micro–Certification – Service Portal

Micro–Certification – Agent Intelligence

Micro–Certification – Virtual Agent

Micro–Certification - Platform Subscription Model

Micro–Certification - Flow Designer

Micro–Certification - IntegrationHub

Micro–Certification - Automated Test Framework

Micro-Certification - Configure the CMDB

Micro-Certification - CMDB Health

Micro-Certification - DevOps

Micro-Certification - Agile and Test Management


Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management


Certified Implementation Specialist - Software Asset Management

Micro–Certification – Asset Models Management


Certified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio Management

Certified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio Management

Certified Implementation Specialist - Financial Management

Micro-Certification – Agile and Test Management Implementation

Micro–Certification – Application Portfolio Management


Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response

Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response


Certified Implementation Specialist – Risk and Compliance

Certified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk Management


Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery

Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Management

Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping

Certified Implementation Specialist – Cloud Management


Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources

Micro–Certification – Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions


Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management

Certified Implementation Specialist – Field Service Management

Micro–Certification – CSM with Service Management for Implementers

Cost of ServiceNow Certifications

Before registering for the certification exam, we need to complete the required servicenow online training paths and courses . Which is usually a virtually instructor led training class. Cost of each and every certification may vary. Below URL will help you to get the required details.

Login to above site, you will get all the courses and related information.

Below are the certification paths given:

  • Mainline Certification Path
  • Micro-Certification Path
  • Assessment Simulator Micro Certification Path

Below URL will help you to get the above certification path information:

Benefits of ServiceNow Certifications

1. Now a days you definitely observed either you are fresher or experienced that each and every organization is looking for ServiceNow professionals those who have ServiceNow certifications because companies think that certified professionals see smoother deployments and better use of ServiceNow. It is good to have required certification, at least it helps in shortlisting the resume.

2. Actually most of the certification in ServiceNow required virtually instructor led training and these training related to required certifications gives you required exposure and understanding of the product. Helps you to master ServiceNow capabilities through hands-on.

3. Certification increase your skill and help you to get a job, change the job or grow in current organization.

4. ServiceNow CSA is the basic certification an individual can get from ServiceNow platform. In my opinion this certification is good to have. 

Who all can do certifications?

ServiceNow certification can be done by ServiceNow professionals, ServiceNow customers, ServiceNow product salesperson and others too who would be interested to be certified. For some of the certification there are some pre-requisites like needs at least six months of experience with ServiceNow and system management or fundamental knowledge. Please navigate to  for more information.

Certification Preparation Content:

If you looking to prepare for any certifications or enhance your skills than below link will help you to do preparation:

ServiceNow CSA Dumps

ServiceNow CAD Mock Test

ServiceNow CSA Mock Test

All Courses and All Certification Related Content for Practice and Learn

We believe all the information share above related to ServiceNow certification will be helpful to you. The motive behind this article is to provide you the list of all certifications in ServiceNow in a filtered manner. If you think that we have missed any of the certification than please do let us know in below comment section.

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