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The first impression on the Recruiter, which make him shortlist a candidate for any opening is good resume or in other word we can say that resume is the first face of the candidate. I have shared below some word format CV or resumes below, which you can download for free and from that you can create your resume or CV. You can modify the same or create the one as per your skill, accomplishment, certifications, academic and professional experience.

Download Word Format CV for Freshers and Experience:

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Please do let us know if you need more formats of CV, we will upload more formats here. We are not resume expert. We have created a platform through which we want to help seekers in any ways. Platform where they can find required or useful content for free. Below we have mentioned some tips which help you to create the good resume

Download Simple CV Format

Tips for creating Good Resume or CV:

1. Information such as Professional experience and academics should be in Chronological order. Which means the latest should come first.

2. Experience summary should be crisp and clear and if fresher then accomplishment and industrial training projects should be crisp and clear.

3. Font type should be same for all the text in the resume. Font type such as times new roman, Calibri, Cambria and Verdana will be good.

4. Do not use format which contains tables and column because recruiters use various software to tool for resume shortlisting and I am heard from various sources that resumes have column and table not displayed properly to recruiter while using such software or tools. So, it better to use simple format with all required correct information.

5. The font size of the text which we have in the resume such as headings, most important information (Name, Email and phone number) should be of 14-15 size and rest of the information should be of 11-12 font size.

6. The resume should not be many pages. 2-3 pages resumes are good to have with all required information.

7. Name you CV using keyword like Name_Technolgy_ExpYears. For e.g., Arthur_ServiceNow_9Years or Arthur_Java_5Years or Arthur_JavaScript_MCA. And you can also use required keyword in your Resume text intelligently which helps the resume to get search faster.

Things you should not mention in CV:

I saw sometime people mention some skills and projects in their resume which they actually not have and not worked upon. For e.g., sometimes freshers add those projects in their CV's taken from their friends and senior. Same as experience professional do in term of Skills. But we advise please do mention those skill and project which you actually know. Fake project and skills help to shortlist the resume but actually not help in qualifying the interview and many rejections in those cases down the moral of candidate.

We advise everyone to provide correct information in the CV in a right and attractive manner.

Several Sites where you can post your CV:

There are lots of site, but below are few of them which help you to find

  • LinkedIn
  • Monster India
  • Upwork (for part time jobs and remote work)
  • Indeed
  • Times Jobs 
  • Shine
  • Career hunts

How LinkedIn profile is helpful to get shortlisted for interview?

As we all know that LinkedIn is platform where we can search companies and their HR and employees easily and after searching, we can contact them. Let’s say you come to know about any opening in company which matches your profile, so can search the respective HR or employee of that company and can drop a message to him about your interest. The only thing is that you have to well-maintained profile in HR. Believe me this technique really helps and now a days HR are directly calling people by seeing their profile in LinkedIn.

We hope all the information shared above related to CV preparation, things to be taken care while creating CV, job portal sites where you can submit your CV for job search will be helpful for you. Please share your experience of downloaded word format CV below in comment box. We will enhance the collection of CV formats accordingly. 

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