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This article will help you to learn ServiceNow Development. Here we will talk about all those stuffs which helps to become ServiceNow developer such as what all language you should know, ServiceNow concepts you should be good at, ServiceNow development hands on task, ServiceNow interview questions etc. If you are a fresher than believe us this article will definitely help you to learn ServiceNow and will helps you to perform good in any of ServiceNow developer interview. So, lets first talk about.

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Language used in ServiceNow Development

The most important thing is language which comes in mind when we think about development. Believe me ServiceNow platform is developer friendly. ServiceNow already have lots of its own API's which you can learn or come to know while practicing ServiceNow. We will talk about all those API's in details in our other articles. 

Only thing you should know to become a ServiceNow developer is basics of JavaScript and If you got a chance to work on Service Portal, then Basics of Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS is required. I believe all the thing which we have mentioned you already studied in your BTech, BCA, MTech or MCA curriculum. 

What you have do is that you should read little bit about ITSM and ITIL. Information related to these concepts are widely available in google and YouTube. ITSM and ITIL are totally theoretical base and easy to understand. Actually, it will help you to understand the things while doing development in ServiceNow, you can connect the things while doing the development that why you are doing such thing and what you exactly want to achieve through coding in ServiceNow platform.

So the conclusion from above paragraph is, that you should only know:

Basic knowledge of JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Basic concepts of ITSM and ITIL.

Basic ServiceNow Development Concepts You Should Practice

So now let’s say you have basic understanding of above languages. Now what all concepts you should know to start ServiceNow development. Below are the concepts which will help you to develop functionalities in ServiceNow and believe me lots of video are available on YouTube. What you have to do is that one by one you have to practice below concepts on your ServiceNow personal developer instance. OH, if you are thinking that what is ServiceNow Personal developer instance, we will talk about that in below and will let you know that how you can create it for you. It is absolutely free. So, the basic ServiceNow concepts you should practice to become ServiceNow developer are:

  • ServiceNow Client Scripts (Types are: onLoad, OnChange, OnCellEdit, OnSubmit)
  • ServiceNow Business Rule (Types are: Display, Before, After, Async)
  • ServiceNow API's (Glide Form, Glide Record)
  • ServiceNow Glide Ajax
  • ServiceNow Script Include
  • ServiceNow UI Policies
  • Catalog Client Script
  • Catalog UI policies
  • Basic knowledge of ServiceNow Tables
  • Basic knowledge of Workflow designing

Above we only spoke about the basic concepts you should know. Once you start develop the things you will come to know about more concepts and believe us you will automatically learn all those. Because practicing and creating things practically will automatically help to learn everything.

ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance

The most wonderful thing is that ServiceNow provided their instance free to users to learn it. So, people can use that instance for development practice, to understand concepts, to understand process, to see application navigation, to create something new, so be familiar with ServiceNow instance and many more. Depends need and person to person. 

So, to get your developer instance what you have to do, open YouTube type ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance and you will get lots of video which help you to create your own instance in a single go. Or you can also navigate to ServiceNow website from there you can directly create for you following the instruction mentioned over there. The only thing which is required for the ServiceNow instance is you Email ID.

We keep this article updating with the required and more fruitful content. So, please bookmark this page, this will definitely help you out. Be with Us.

We believe the information which we have shared above will help you learn ServiceNow development concepts and helps you to learn ServiceNow by your own. And believe us practicing the concepts will help you to crack ServiceNow interview. ServiceNow Development concepts are very easy to master and nobody will stop you to become ServiceNow developer. Feel free to comment below for any type of information related to anything and please do share you feedback below.

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