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Please find below few sample questions related to ServiceNow Vancouver CAD Delta Exam. As my understanding the answer below are correct but I advise you to please recheck it once before opting it as a solution. In Vancouver Delta - CAD exam there are 10-15 questions to be answered and I believe minimum 70% passing percentage is required to pass the Certified Application Developer Delta exam. It's a non-proctored exam. Below we also have shared the link of ServiceNow CAD Delta Exam Vancouver Study Guide link which will also help you, as some questions will be coming from that content. Last date for this Delta Exam is "13th February, 2024"

ServiceNow CAD Delta Exam Vancouver Questions and Answers:

Question1: Which property defines the minimum amount of the Application Administrator role users?

Ans: min_admin_count

Question 2: Where can a delegated developer be added to an application in a ServiceNow instance that does not have the App Collaborator plug-in installed?

Ans: Application record > Manage Developers

Question 3: Which table record contains the details of the tables involved in many-to-may relationships?

Ans: sys_m2m

Question 4: The Application App A has been configured to a minimum of four application administrators. The number of existing application administrator is two. What action can be performed?

Ans: Can add two or more application administrators.

Question 5: Where should an administrator navigate to reference many-to-many relationship that are available in the base system?

Ans: sys_collection.list 

Question 6: The Access Analyzer can help view and analyze the access and permissions for which rule types?


1. Clinet Callable Script Include

2. UI Page

3. Rest Endpoint

Question 7: In the Incident Management System application, a manager needs to prevent users form creating a report that includes the caller_name field. What can the manager do to prevent users from selecting it for the reports they create?

Ans: Utilize add_to_list operations ACL.

Question 8: A report_view field ACL grants the report_admin role viewing access to the salary field in an employee table. The report_admin has created a report on the Employee table grouped by Salary field. What is the result where users with the report_user role access the report?

Ans: The user cannot access the report. They see the message." Access to this content denied based on report_view field ACLs".

Question 9: Which action prevents users from creating a report on list report columns with sensitive data?


1. Using the report_view table aCL.

2. Enabling the system property

Question 10: What are the benefits of using Access Analyzer?


1. It helps achieve the least privilege principles when implementing access controls.

2. It provides reporting capabilities for he analyzer results.

Question 11: Which action performed on a role record makes it eligible to become an Application Administrator?

Ans: Turn on the Application Administrator field and update the role record.

Vancouver ServiceNow CAD Delta Exam Study Guide:

This guide will help you with some answers to the questions which may come in Delta Exam.

Click to access Vancouver Delta- Certified Application Developer Exam Guide

How to Give ServiceNow Delta Exams: 

Steps are below:

1. Login to Now Learning Portal - Click here to access

2. If you certification status is displayed as At Risk, it means that you have to give Delta exam of the certification.

3. Confirm payment for your certificate maintenance program in the first step on the banner.

4. Enroll for the same and complete your delta exam.

Few Things Related to Delta Exam:

It basically comprised of 10-20 questions.

  • You can quickly complete the same in 15-30 mins.
  • You are allowed up to 4 attempts at the Delta Exam, with a mandatory 24 hours wait time between every failed attempt.
  • Non-Proctored which means no testing center in needed.
  • Managed and completed in Now Learning.
  • ServiceNow Delta exams are based on the content found in the Delta Exam Guide, which we have shared above.

I believe above information shared will be helpful for you and help you to pass ServiceNow CAD Delta Exam. Vancouver CAD delta exam last date is "13th February, 2024". Please make sure that you will pass this exam by this date otherwise existing certification will get expire. All the very best. If you need any help related to ServiceNow concepts, please feel free to comment below. Also share this article with the one who need it and going to appear in ServiceNow Certified Application Developer Delta Exam. Please do not forget to share the question you feel important to prepare and it helps others to prepare.

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