Vancouver ServiceNow ITSM Delta Exam Questions and Required Information

Please find below few sample questions related to Vancouver ServiceNow CIS-ITSM Delta Exam. As my understanding the answer below are correct but I advise you to please recheck it once before opting it as a solution. In Delta exam there are 6-12 questions to be answered and I believe minimum 70% passing percentage is required to pass the ITSM delta exam. It's a non-proctored exam. Below we also have shared the link of ServiceNow ITSM Delta Exam Vancouver Study Guide link which will also help you, as some questions will be coming from that content. Vancouver CIS-ITSM delta exam last date is "13th February, 2024"

ServiceNow ITSM Delta Exam Questions and Answers:

Question1: Which of these are supported in the Standard service portfolio taxonomy structure, release in Utah?


1. The ability to report on services, nodes and portfolio performance using KPI Groups.

2. Layer records are not required in the portfolio taxonomy.

Question 2: Which of these actions can be automated using conditions with a major incident trigger rule?


1. Promote a major incident

2. Propose a major incident.

Question 3: Which plugin activates the ability to map the default Service Portfolio Management lifecycle fields and values to Common Service Data Model lifecycle fields and values?

Ans: CSDM Activation [com.snc.cmdb.csdm.activation]

Question 4: What must be added to a service offering in order for Service Portfolio Management to generate availability records for that item?

Ans: Availability Commitment

Question 5: In Catalog Builder, what happens when a user discards a draft item that has a published item associated with it?

Ans: The draft item is deleted, and the published item remain intact.

Question 6: What is the state of a new service item while being created in Service Builder?

Ans: Draft

ServiceNow CIS - IT Service Management Delta Exam Study Guide:

This guide will help you with some answers to the questions which may come in Delta Exam.

Click to access ServiceNow ITSM Delta Vancouver Guide

How to Give ServiceNow Delta Exams: 

Steps are below:

1. Login to Now Learning Portal - Click here to access

2. If you certification status is displayed as At Risk, it means that you have to give Delta exam of the certification.

3. Confirm payment for your certificate maintenance program in the first step on the banner.

4. Enroll for the same and complete your delta exam.

Few Things Related to Delta Exam:

  • It basically comprised of 6-20 questions.
  • You can quickly complete the same in 15-30 mins.
  • You are allowed up to 4 attempts at the Delta Exam, with a mandatory 24 hours wait time between every failed attempt.
  • Non-Proctored which means no testing center in needed.
  • Managed and completed in Now Learning.
  • ServiceNow Delta exams are based on the content found in the Delta Exam Guide, which we have shared above.

I believe above information shared will be helpful for you and help you to pass ServiceNow ITSM Delta Exam. Vancouver CIS-ITSM delta exam last date is "13th February, 2024". Please make sure that you will pass this exam by this date otherwise existing certification will get expire. All the very best. If you need any help related to ServiceNow concepts, please feel free to comment below. Also share this article with the one who need it and going to appear in ServiceNow CIS - IT Service Management Delta Exam. Please do not forget to share the question you feel important to prepare and it helps others to prepare.

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