ServiceNow ITSM Packages | ServiceNow IT Service Management Application

This article will cover ServiceNow ITSM Packages, application comes under each ITSM package and the benefits of using ServiceNow IT service management.

ServiceNow ITSM Packages:

There are 3 ServiceNow ITSM packages as mentioned below:

  1. ITSM Standard
  2. ITSM Pro
  3. ITSM Enterprise

Application includes each ServiceNow IT Service Management Packages:

As we have discussed above there are 3 packages offer by ServiceNow to their customers. so below you can find the application comes under each package:

ITSM Standard:

This is the basic package offer by ServiceNow to their customers.  There are 10 applications along with All Now Platform capabilities. Please find below the list of applications. All Now platform capabilities will be shared at the bottom of this page.

  1. Incident Management
  2. Problem Management
  3. Change Management
  4. Release Management
  5. Request Management
  6. Virtual Agent Lite
  7. Asset and Cost Management
  8. Walk-up Experience
  9. Service Operations Workspace
  10.  Digital Portfolio Management
  11.  All Now Platform Capabilities


This package contains all the application we have in ITSM standard, along with that it also includes 8 more applications as mentioned below:

  1. Virtual Agent with NLU
  2. Performance Analytics
  3. Predictive Intelligence
  4. Continual Improvement Mgmt
  5. Vendor Manager Workspace
  6. Dynamic Translation
  7. Cloud Call Centre, office 365 including Teams and Slack integration
  8. DevOps Change & Config

ITSM Enterprise:

This is the best ITSM package offer by ServiceNow to it customers. This package includes all the application which ITSM Standard and ITSM pro packages contains, along with this it contains two more applications as mentioned below:

  1. Workflow Optimization
  2. Process Optimization

Below screenshot will give you the overview of the same:

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ServiceNow IT Service Management Benefits:

ServiceNow is the cloud-based platform, and it offers multiple applications. Using ITSM capabilities in ServiceNow there can be lots of benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • It enables the faster service experience that replaces manual transactions to simplify the delivery of services.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Enable Employee with Self Service
  • Reduce Enterprise Risk
  • Through automation drive operational excellence
  • Improve Service Availability
  • Resolve Issues Faster
  • Manage demand and resources better.

All Now Platform Capabilities:

Below are ServiceNow Platform capabilities that can be used by customers across any workflow-IT, employee, or customer workflow.

  1. Reports and Dashboards
  2. Knowledge Management
  3. Service Level Management
  4. Surveys and Assessment
  5. CMDB & CSDM
  6. Benchmarks
  7. Now Mobile
  8. Mobile Agent

We believe all the information which we have shared above related to ServiceNow ITSM packages i.e. ITSM Standard, ITSM Pro, ITSM enterprise and ServiceNow IT Service Management applications along with benefits will be helpful for you. If you need more information related to any of ServiceNow Topic, feel free to comment below in comment section. Have a great day ahead.

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